A huge aspect of any relationship is what we share with each other: books, movies, songs, meals, and more.  One of the first things we want to know about the person what he she likes to read, what kind of music they listen to, and whether they love the same food and weather as we do.

 How exciting it is to discover all the things that we have in common (along with what we don’t).  And sometimes the things we don’t have in common, those interests our partners love, and we don’t,  are even more interesting. Will we begrudgingly tolerate them out of love? Will we learn to moderately appreciate them as time passes?  Or maybe we’ll even grow to love them too!

Steven and Ilana bonded over their shared love of literature and reading, and they brought a couple of their favorite books for our photoshoot and we were delighted to be able to capture this aspect of their relationship for their pics.