Gihee and Josh arrived to the photoshoot with a loveliest surprise one can imagine – an australian shepherd puppy, an adorable blueyed Bambo.  It would be fair to say, that our hearts just melted instantly when we saw him!

We spent an amazing time in Oaks amusement park, riding on carrousels, eating ice-creams and just having tons of fun! In Rome do as romans do In an amusement park let your inner child be happy and that’s what we did, the result is this shiny happy photos of guys!

We also unexpectedly got a tiny, but powerful storm! In a second a hot summer day darkened and a strong wind came from nowhere, visitors started to live the park promptly, but we stayed longer and got some amazing photos without any people on the background! Who ever has been to the park knows how almost impossible it would be! Well, having the park all to ourselves was truly amazing and a little spooky to be honest, but we made the most of the day as crazy as it went!

Gihee and Josh were fantastic and  well, we should confess that Bambo has stolen our hearts and still keeps them in his paws!